Paths to a Stronger CQ

Live Your Values

Values represent the living, breathing ethos of your organization. Who are you? What do you stand for? Are you walking your talk? The importance of a company living by its stated values cannot be underestimated. Values are the reference point around which the entire organization should constellate. The most critical challenge inherent in values is effectively embedding them into the fabric of your organization. With CQ Associates’ Values Immersion Process (VIP), we partner with you to explore, reimagine, and articulate your core beliefs, unlocking your organization’s greatest future possibility.

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Leverage Your Leadership

CQ Associates believes leadership is a privilege, a great responsibility, and an enormous opportunity to inspire and drive positive change. Leaders are culture carriers who are foundational to establishing and maintaining a positive culture. CQ Associates is passionate about supporting leaders and helping to position them for success. We help leaders raise the level of Organizational Consciousness, fostering an environment where team members feel SEEN, HEARD, and INSPIRED. CQ Associates leverages its leadership experience, business acumen, and strong listening skills as we strive to earn the distinction of a trusted partner.

Align Your Organization

Organizational Alignment is paramount to fortifying your CQ and realizing your greatest future possibility. CQ Associates is committed to what we call SOLV-C, an acronym that stands for aligning Strategy, Organizational Design, Leadership, & Values to solve for Culture.