Our Services

Contemplate. Collaborate. Co-Create.

Organizational Culture Consulting

CQ partners with organizations to assess, explore and enhance culture to drive performance.

Executive & Leadership Advisory Services

CQ leverages its own leadership experience and perspective to serve as a trusted partner for your leaders. Leaders for Leaders.

Leadership & Team Retreats

CQ offers bespoke multidiscipline training sessions designed to empower teams and optimize performance.

Portfolio Optimization & Culture Due Diligence

The “Culture Variable” is an important consideration for investors. CQ assesses, and when needed, helps to fortify the culture of existing and prospective investments.

Speaking Engagements

CQ speaks on the transformative power of culture and inspired leadership.

Values Immersion Process

Values are the nucleus of an organization’s culture and the beacon by which to navigate.  Through a customized approach, we explore the ethos of your organization to help create, articulate and integrate your stated values.