Our Process


We aim to establish opportunities for organizational reflection as an organization considers who it is, who it wants to be, and the path to optimizing its culture. Everything is on the table as we contemplate the health and vitality of your organization– the things that work well, and the things that don’t. CQ Associates makes it their commitment to be dedicated listeners and thoughtful advisors as we learn, discover, and reimagine the future possibility of your organization.



To impact real and lasting change, it’s important to engage and empower the change agents of the organization: the people. The spirit of collaboration includes robust dialogue, engaged interactions and a collective vision igniting the opportunity for transformation and innovation. We seek deep understanding and engagement through our rigorous and comprehensive due-diligence process. This effort is a combination of art and science as we reflect with senior leadership, administer customized surveys, and engage the broader organization to catalyze and drive tangible and sustainable change.


The CQ Process facilitates co-creation the moment we begin working with you. New ideas, new visions, new ways of being emerge as we move through our process to fortify your culture. A thriving, positive culture is not a destination but rather a journey of evolution. We seek to facilitate a culture where each person is SEEN, HEARD, and INSPIRED. CQ Associates is committed to bridging the gap between articulating a vision and executing one– creating a customized implementation plan tailored to your needs.

Co-Create - CQ Associate